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Simple At-Home Leg Workout for Leaner Legs

Simple At-Home Leg Workout for Leaner Legs

I know that for a lot of us working out has been difficult since Gym's have been closed due to quarantine. So, I wanted to give you guys a simple AT HOME LEG WORKOUT for LEANER LEGS. I did this workout this morning and boy I was sweating! It may look simple at first...

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About Me

Hello everyone! I’m Disha the founder of My Self Care Shelf. If anyone knows me they would know I love self care! The idea that a few simple habits can make me be a better version of myself is fascinating to me. Through this blog I will be writing about all things self-care in the hopes that you guys are able to start your own self care journey! I will be covering skin care, meditation, fitness, and food. Here’s to the start of a beautiful journey 

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