How to practice self-care to feel more energized

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With all of us spending so much more time at home it’s more important than ever before to build a good self-care routine. For today’s post, I want to give you a few tips on how you can practice self-care to feel more energized!

Since a majority of us are working/studying from home, it can be difficult to actually find the time for self-care. Well, I’m here to remind you, take out at least 30 mins a day for yourself! I know this can seem overwhelming, and I’ve been guilty of not taking out time for myself lately but I realized that I needed to switch up my self-care routine and adapt.

The tips I’m going to give you are going to be very low-effort self-care ideas that can actually help you feel more energized in your day-to-day life. The idea here is to find the right balance and make sure you take out that time for yourself.

So here are the

5 ways you can Practice Self-care to feel more Energized:

1. Meditate in the morning

I recommend starting your day with meditation, but try to focus your meditation on your energy. Fill yourself with light, love, joy, and positive energy. Take 10 mins in the morning just as you get out of bed (before you check your phone) to do a short meditation. Have fun with this one, let your mind focus on all the ways your body can feel energized and ready for the day!

I’ve been doing this for the past week, and it’s helped me focus more while I study, and also helped me not feel anxious about all the work I have left to do. Which brings me to my second point – BE PRESENT

2. Be Present

We’re living in a crazy world right now and there’s so much going on! However, if I’ve learnt one thing through this time it’s the importance of being present – NOW! I encourage you to take this time to be present and enjoy the time you have with those around you be it your family, your friends, or even yourself.

You’ll be surprised how much this actually impacts your overall energy. When you’re present your focus and energy is in one place and not wandering into thoughts about the past or anxiety about the future. You’re here now, cherish it, enjoy it, and find your energy in it.

We’ve been in lockdown in France for a few weeks now, but just by being present, I haven’t felt like I’ve been locked-in. In fact, this time has helped me build closer relationships with people around me and thus fueled my energy.

Honestly, being present is not only easy it’s fun!! Trust me you’re going to cherish the memories you make right now. So practice self-care through being present in whatever you’re doing during this crazy time.

3. Nap 🙂

This one’s my favourite, and of course a very low-effort self-care tip! We all know that sleep is important, not only for our energy but our focus and mood through the day. I realized that although I was sleeping well at night, I was always tired after a long day of classes on zoom. This could be the case for you as well especially if you’re working from home and on the computer a lot more than usual. Well little did I know that all I needed to recharge was a 15-30 minute nap!

(p.s. the people who live with me can confirm that I nap…A LOT)

If you find yourself feeling tired in the middle of the day, just close your eyes and take a nap. In fact, even if you can’t actually sleep, close your eyes and disconnect. Let your body rest for those 15-30 minutes and you’ll see that you’re more energized. I don’t do this every day, but it definitely is a new addition to my self-care routine and I enjoy it!

4. Switch your phone off

I know I know, we live in a digital world, we need to have our phones with us all the time, our phones have our whole world on them. But guys, come on! You need to disconnect. I challenge you to turn your phone off specifically 30 mins before you go to bed.

I was spending more time on my phone than I’d like to be, so I decided to try this trick to see if it would be helpful. Guess what, it was. So I’m sharing it with you. Turning my phone off for 30 mins before bed (of course, turning it back on for my morning alarms 😜) was a good way to let my brain rest. I didn’t want the last thing I thought about before bed to be some Instagram post I saw. Instead, I took this time for myself to reflect and just sit with my thoughts, and maybe plan out what I have to do the next day.

The point is just like your phone needs time to recharge, so do you and I find that disconnecting from digital devices before bed is the best way to do that.

5. Gratitude Journal & Affirmations before bed

Finally, practice gratitude and affirmations before bed. I stopped doing this for a while, and I could feel something was off. Luckily my twin reminded me to do this and I’m so grateful (see what I did there 😉 ). Jokes aside, gratitude and affirmations are powerful tools and more linked to your energy than you’d think.

I encourage you to practice gratitude and give yourself some affirmations before bed because this will help you be in a positive headspace before bed! And well, I think when you sleep happy, you wake up happy.

I know that some of you may be overwhelmed with everything going on right now, but remember there’s so much that’s not in our control. What you can control is how you feel and trust me practising gratitude will help lift your mood to help you feel more energized.

So there it is my 5 tips on how to practice self-care to feel more energized. I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you did let me know in the comments below!

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Here’s to the start of your self care journey!



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