How to have a More Positive Mindset & Transform Your Life

by | May 25, 2020 | All Posts, Mindful Living

Having a positive mindset has incredible powers when it comes to transforming your life. Positive people lead happier lives and have better relationships with themselves and their peers. They are able to manifest success, wealth and happiness into their lives on a DAILY basis.

What if I could tell you how YOU can have a positive mindset and TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE?

I’ll be giving you 5 EASY TIPS to follow that can help you achieve a positive mindset.

I was introduced to the power of positivity when I started meditating about four years ago. I remember during my first class of Theta Healing (a meditation modality) my teacher said to me “Positive thoughts are a thousand times, if not more, powerful than negative thoughts.”

So, I started to consciously wire myself to be a more positive thinker. 

For example, I was someone who would stress A LOT when it came to exams in college and I always thought “This is so hard, I don’t know how to do this, I’m not going to do well in my exams.” After I started meditating I changed these thoughts to “This is easy, I know everything I need to know to do well, I can do this! I will pass with flying colours.”

Just a simple shift in thinking changed my vibration towards my studies and I got 4 A’s that quarter at UCLA. I promise you I did nothing different, I took the same amount of time to prepare, I pulled the same amount of all-nighters.

THE SHIFT IN MINDSET HELPED A LOT. I had a positive attitude attached to exams instead of stress, so I was able to enjoy studying and really able to absorb more information. Getting rid of the negativity that surrounded the idea of studying helped me become a better student.

This is just one example of many, I can not tell you the impact having a CONSISTENT POSITIVE MINDSET has had on my life.

Anyways, without rambling on further about how a positive mindset helped me – Here are the

5 Tips to Follow for a More Positive Mindset


1) Live in the moment

Living in the moment is a simple but super effective tip.

When you live in the moment you’re enjoying the present, which means you’re not thinking about your past or worrying about your future.

When you enjoy the present you will have more positive memories => the more you live in the moment the more positive your past will become.

So, try to focus on the NOW and be grateful for what you have NOW. When you do this your brain automatically finds more things to be grateful for and the universe will give you more reasons to feel grateful.

Focusing on living in the moment is so powerful because it makes sure that you do not fall into the trap of thinking about everything that is wrong in your life.

Thus, you will be able to achieve a more positive mindset.

2) Stop saying “BUT”

Think about it – every single time you use “but” in a sentence, you probably follow it with a negative statement.

For example- I know I should study for this exam BUT it’s going to be so hard or I should workout right not BUT it will take to long.

Usually, the statement after BUT is something that will hold you back from doing a particular task or having a positive thought.

Catch yourself when you say BUT and follow it with a POSITIVE/EMPOWERING STATEMENT.

By doing this you will significantly reduce the number of negative statements you make.

An added benefit is that when you stop saying BUT you will be able to get more done because YOU WILL STOP MAKING EXCUSES.

So, stop saying BUT and you will have a more positive mindset. I personally follow this and it’s the one tip that stops me from doubting myself. I could have easily thought “I want to start a blog BUT no one will want to read it, or it will be too hard” instead I just thought “I want to start a blog” and I did.



3) Build a Morning Routine

Building a morning routine will help you START YOUR DAY RIGHT. 

When you have a good morning routine set up you will be able to plan your day and be more productive.

When you are more productive you will feel more accomplished and positive about your day. 

So a morning routine can help you maintain your positive mindset because it forces you to start your day a certain way. You won’t wake up worrying about what to do that day because you know you have a morning routine to follow. 

A morning routine can help reduce anxiety about your future and thus help you be more positive and present.

Make sure you incorporate the next 2 tips in your morning routine.

4) Write Positive Affirmations

Your thoughts matter!

When you write down positive affirmations EVERY DAY, you will think more positively. 

Writing positive affirmations is powerful because it will CHANGE YOUR FREQUENCY to attract POSITIVITY.

Every morning write down at least 5 positive affirmations – this could be an affirmation about anything as long as it is positive.

For example- I am happy, I am beautiful, I love myself, I love my life, I love my friends and family.

When you focus on positive affirmations every day you will be able to shift your mindset to be positive because your focus will be on those positive aspects of your life.


5) Practice Gratefulness


Being grateful is the fastest way to bring your mind into a positive state. 

When you’re grateful for what you have you will attract more things that you will be grateful for (it’s the law of attraction).

Focus on what you’re grateful for instead of you’re lacking.

Practising gratefulness also help your manifestations come through faster!

So, set a reminder on your phone to practice gratefulness every day. It’s as simple as thinking about what you are grateful about for 1 minute every day.

Even if you don’t follow any of the other tips FOLLOW THIS AND YOU WILL SEE RESULTS.


I hope this helps you build a more positive mindset and gives you the power to transform your life. Remember that having a positive mindset is a skill, it will take some time to master!

BUT when you master it, you’ll never forget it. Start following these tips today, consciously make an effort to have more positive thoughts.

If you want to read more content like this check out my 10 tips for a healthy lifestyle blog post!

Here’s to the start of your self-care journey!




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3 years ago

Loved your 5 tips to overcome negative thoughts !!

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