Top 10 Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle – Easy and Effective

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You’ve probably wondered – what does it take to really have a healthy lifestyle? And how do some people make it look so easy?

Well, the truth is that you’re probably trying to incorporate someone else’s lifestyle into your own (I know I’ve done that), BUT that doesn’t work!

The key is to CUSTOMIZE! Find out what works for YOU.

I’m going to be giving you an overview of the Top 10 tips for a Healthy Lifestyle!


We live in a millennial world where being attached to our phone/laptop is a necessity for most of us – which is why this tip of REDUCING YOUR SCREEN TIME is on the top of my list.

Managing your screen time is ESSENTIAL when it comes to building a healthy lifestyle routine!

Because LESS SCREEN TIME => MORE TIME TO DO OTHER THINGS. And more time to do other things means you have time to build better habits!

You can easily check how much time you are spending on your phone in your phone settings, I’m guessing you average around 5-6 hours/day. 

This means you spend almost 42 HOURS ON YOUR PHONE EACH WEEK. That’s a lot. Almost 2 whole days!

I find the sweet spot to be 1-2 hours/day on your phone on weekdays and 2-3 hours/day on weekends! 

Here’s an article on How to make your phone limit your screen time for you!

And here’s a very helpful youtube video by Matt D’Avella on 6 Ways to Reduce Screen Time

PRO TIP – Stop using your phone post-dinner, it really helps cut down screen time!


Building routines is so so important! Having a simple morning and night-time routine can really HELP YOUR BODY PREP FOR THE DAY/NIGHT. 

Our bodies are used to routines, and after a few weeks, these routines become habits.

Try to wake-up and sleep at the same time every day.

Use the MORNING time for INFORMATION BASED HABITS – like Reading & Journaling (write down your goals for the day).

Use the NIGHT-TIME for DESTRESSING HABITS – Do your night-time skincare, listen to music, journal about your day, or meditate. 

Using this structure for building routines helps your body get ready for the day and then get ready for sleep.

Based on if you’re a morning/night person incorporate working out into either routine!

Here’s an article that talks about How To Create Intentional Routines in Your Life.

And here’s my Easy 5 Step Skincare Routine for Clearer Skin. 

3. READ MORE (Physical book, Kindle, Audiobook)

You’ve probably heard the phrase – Knowledge is Power. It’s true.

Getting into the habit of reading can really help you UPGRADE your lifestyle.

There’s access to so many many great books and resources out there – Pick a genre that you enjoy and read for at least 30 mins a day.

I struggled with making reading a habit but I find if I read first thing in the morning I feel more productive throughout the day. I also enjoy reading on a kindle or listening to audiobooks while working out. You can try this for yourself and see what works for you.

My reading list will be up on the blog very soon! Till then here are Barack Obama’s book recommendations!


There are so many benefits of working out so this should definitely be a part of your routine to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Figure out what type of workouts you enjoy. Don’t run if you don’t enjoy running! Don’t do yoga if you don’t enjoy it!

To seamlessly integrate workouts into your lifestyle you have to EXPERIMENT and figure out WHAT YOU LOVE!

I personally enjoy weight training on heavier workout days and yoga on my recovery days. This works for well for me and has been a part of my lifestyle for years because I truly enjoy it.

Find a buddy to work out with, this will help you stay motivated!

Workout at least 3 time’s a week because this makes sure that working out turns into a habit. Make a Workout Playlist to keep yourself entertained while working out, or listen to podcasts and audiobooks.

Here’s a link to SOHFIT’s Instagram page – They post very effective and interesting workouts every day!


Don’t burn yourself out. Take breaks from eating healthy/working out and indulge.

Taking breaks is another great way to keep yourself motivated – because if you’ve established a lifestyle routine that works for you trust me you’ll want to get back to it.

Make sure your breaks are not too long. A 1-week break is usually enough!

Don’t feel guilty about taking breaks – call these REWARD DAYS for all your hard work.

Go on a vacation and explore the world (after the pandemic of-course) because well, YOLO.




Meditation is another ESSENTIAL practice. It helps you reflect and really is an effective way to work on yourself.

I started meditating every day 4 years ago and I find that I am a LOT CALMER, HAPPIER, and overall living a more fulfilled life.

Meditation can truly transform your life because it can teach you so much about yourself – it’s really the FASTEST WAY TO GET CONTROL OVER YOUR LIFE. 

You can manifest, practice gratefulness, get answers, and be more aware if you meditate. I find that meditating at night works well for me because I can reflect on the day and adjust my manifestations and questions accordingly.

I will be posting more on meditation on the meditation tab of this blog – be sure to check that out!


This is perhaps the SIMPLEST habit to incorporate into your lifestyle, but it is also VERY EFFECTIVE.

If you practice gratefulness every day you will see results INSTANTLY.

You will be in a better mood since focusing on what you are grateful for makes sure your mind doesn’t wander to negative thoughts.

Start a simple journal to write down 5 things you’re grateful for every day. 

You can get access to a FREE journal template if you sign up for my 30 day self-care challenge below.


Cooking for yourself is a habit that is often undervalued, but it can help boost your mood.

You know what you like to eat better than anyone else. So, cooking for yourself would mean you get to eat what you like the way you like it for every meal!

Cook at least 1 meal a day for yourself – believe it or not, your body starts to digest your food the minute you start cooking.

Make sure you’re eating REAL FOOD – which means no refined sugar, farm to table, and fresh produce.

Cooking can feel a little daunting at first but soon you’ll learn to enjoy the process. 

I will be posting a lot of healthy and nutritious recipes on the food tab of this blog – keep an eye out for that!

9. DONT OVERTHINK ABOUT YOUR PAST – The Past is Not Your Future

Don’t spend your time thinking about your past. If you think about your past and your thoughts are focused on your past you will manifest the past into your present! BREAK THE CYCLE.

You should know YOU HAVE CHOICES, and choices DEFINE YOUR FUTURE.

It’s never too late – focus on your goals and learn from your mistakes. Thank your past for teaching you valuable lessons but don’t dwell on it. Learn to forgive yourself!

THE PAST IS NOT YOUR FUTURE is a motto that I live by and I do believe it helps me stay focused on being better.


Last but not least BE KIND – ALWAYS!

Kindness is a virtue, and having this virtue can make you very very powerful. Being kind and being in service of others helps you maintain better relationships with your peers and yourself.

Practice kindness in your daily life and you will realize that life is easier and more beautiful. Kindness can help you reach your goals faster and make your dreams come true.


I do hope that these tips help you transform your lifestyle into a healthy lifestyle. I personally practice each of the above and I have seen great results.

Trust yourself in your self-care journey and once again CUSTOMIZE the above to fit your personal needs. 

This list can go on and on – these are just a few tips/the starting blocks of helping you build a healthy lifestyle routine.

Once again sign up for my 30 Day Self Care Challenge below to kickstart your self-care journey!


Here’s to the start of your self-care journey!


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Thanks for sharing! This was really insightful 🙂


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