Gua Sha Benefits & Why You Should Start TODAY!

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In this blog post, I will be highlighting the benefits of Gua Sha Massage for your face and why you should make it a part of your routine.

Ahh where do I start? I was introduced to the magical world of Gua Sha about 6 months ago.

I was consistent with it for 2 weeks and my skin looked AMAZING. So I knew this has to be a staple in my routine.

Before I get into it: Please make sure to do your own research on Gua Sha before using it, this post is based on my experiences with Gua Sha Massage and is purely informative.


What is Gua Sha?

Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese healing technique, where a stone tool usually made of jade or rose quartz is used to gently massage the skin.

Gua Sha is traditionally used all over the body to help move energy (known as chi) and is believed to help relieve pain.

In recent years Gua Sha has gained popularity as a facial massage technique!

Gua sha is anti-ageing, & it helps prevent wrinkles!

For Gua Sha facial massage you should always apply a facial oil/moisturizer and gently glide the stone in an upward and outward direction at a 45-degree angle (Never at 90-degrees).

Here is a super helpful video that details the gua sha facial massage technique – Learn Facial Gua Sha from a Chinese Medical Skincare Professional.

Make sure that you’re gentle with your skin.

Be liberal with your oil/moisturizer because you need SLIP.



5 Benefits of Gua Sha Facial Massage


1) Lymphatic Drainage

We don’t use our facial muscles as much as we do the rest of our muscles, so lymph fluid (which is toxins) build up in our face.

Gua Sha helps with lymphatic drainage.

This gentle massage technique allows the built-up lymph fluid to move and be released from the facial tissues.

So basically you’re clearing up all the toxins in your face – which means you’ll have more radiant and glowing skin. 

Lymphatic drainage makes sure that you have FRESH blood circulating in your facial tissues which helps your skin stay clearer longer.

2) Sculpting

Gua sha also helps reduce water retention in the face!

So, after doing the Gua Sha massage you will probably feel like you have an INSTANT FACELIFT. 

Your face will feel more sculpted and your jawline more defined because you’re getting rid of all the puffiness with this technique.

3) Even Skin Tone

This is one of the Gua Sha benefits that sold me on the practice.

I was consistent with Gua Sha for just 2 weeks and saw a visible reduction in my acne scars. I had even-toned skin after YEARS.


I can not stress the above point enough! I started doing gua sha ONLY after I had treated my acne and just had acne scars.

So how does Gua Sha help even out your skin tone?

Well, since Gua Sha is allowing your lymph fluids to drain and fresh blood to circulate, your pigmentation/acne scars heal faster.

The drainage of lymph fluid (toxins) ensures that your skin is HEALTHIER and MORE EVEN-TONED.

Another factor that helps even out your skin tone is the Gua Sha Tool itself –

Gua Sha stones are made of crystals, usually Jade or Rose Quartz; and both these stones have been proven to help with evening out skin tone!

Make sure you’re buying an authentic Jade/Rose Quartz Gua Sha; a trick to help recognize authenticity is that the stone should be cool to the touch (this is a natural quality for both jade and rose quartz crystals).

4) Boosts Efficiency of Skin Care Products

Gua Sha helps boost the efficiency of your skincare products because doing gua sha massage after you’ve applied your products will make sure they PENETRATE DEEPER INTO YOUR SKIN.

So, I personally use Gua Sha at the end of my night-time skincare routine.

The gentle massage makes sure that your products are pushed in and therefore more efficient!

If you’re struggling with coming up with a night-time skincare routine you may find my article on an Easy 5 Step Skin Care Routine Helpful!

5) Relieves Stress

Last but not least, Gua Sha helps relieve stress!

I find the practice of gua sha facial massage extremely relaxing, but this is because I gently massage my facial acupuncture pressure points to relieve tension.

This allows tension to be released and leaves your facial muscles relaxed.

If you’re someone who clenches their jaw at night this may be especially helpful for you.

OR if you sit for a long time and have neck pain you can use Gua Sha to help release tension in the neck and shoulders as well!

The video posted earlier in the article will explain where your pressure points are and how you should go about performing gua sha yourself.


Why Gua Sha should be a part of your routine?

If and only if you don’t have active breakouts or dermatitis right now, I do believe that Gua Sha can be an incredible step to add to your skincare routine.

Gua Sha has been practised for years and years in Chinese medicine and I do believe it has transformed my skin.

It helps with texture, brightens, prevents future breakouts, and honestly, I feel like I have FRESH skin.

I believe Gua Sha is worth a try! Just remember to be GENTLE.

Finally, here are the resources for where you can buy your own gua sha stone –

If you’re in India buy the Face Rituals Gua Sha – I use this!

If you’re in the US this article by Poosh has some recommendations – A Step-by-Step Tutorial on HOW TO GUA SHA

Please sound off in the comments and let me know what you think of Gua Sha and if it has helped you.


Here’s to the start of your self care journey,



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