Binge-worthy YOUTUBE videos that will help you be more Mindful!

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Think about this, we spend a lot of our time and money on streaming services BUT we rarely end up consuming content that will help us in our day to day. So, for today’s blog post I want to change that for you. I’ll be giving you a list of EPIC youtube videos that will help you be more mindful!

These videos have helped me along my self-care and mindfulness journey and I’m sure they’ll help you too! I suggest you bookmark this page so you can come back to these videos – there’s 5-6 hours worth of content on here, which is best consumed in batches!

Before I give you all the links to these videos, I want to remind you to be mindful of your digital habits. I’ve written a full blog post on digital habits impact your life and you can read that here – Why being mindful of your digital habits is extremely important!

The idea is to be mindful of the content we consume instead of just watching ANYTHING that is suggested to us. Youtube, especially can be a black hole of content where maybe you start watching videos on something constructive but then end up on an ASMR channel. This has happened to me on multiple occasions, and I wasted so much of my time.

I suggest you subscribe to channels that produce relevant and helpful content and only watch those videos. I’ve done this for the past couple months and the way I use youtube now is much more effective.

So, just be mindful of your digital habits and consume content that will HELP YOU! Here’s the list of videos you can start with –

BINGE WORTHY youtube videos that can help you be more mindful

1. This Indian Mystic Drops KNOWLEDGE BOMBS (I’m Speechless!) | Sadhguru on Impact Theory

If you have never heard of Sadhguru but you decide to watch this video, you will thank me later. This video has some serious knowledge bombs that will help rewire the way you think about pain. We’re all human, and we experience pain in so many different ways, in this interview Sadhguru highlights the difference between pain and suffering. He also speaks about adopting beliefs, seekers and believers, how to pursue the path of joy and more! I’m not going to give to much away, BUT WATCH this. I promise it’s the best 51 mins you’ll spend on youtube.

Here’s are some quotes from the interview that resonated with me:

“If you have the fear of falling down and suffering you will not go very high”

“A child is not a legacy. It’s a life. And it’s an individual life. It has be be what it has to be!”

P.S. A lot of the videos I suggest will be from Impact Theory because I believe it’s BY FAR one of the best youtube channels that puts out content that will help you.

2. The Zen Millionaire’s Secret to Creating Abundance | Ken Honda on Impact Theory

AH KEN HONDA! This interview helped completely transform my mindset when it comes to money! This interview will help you move into a gratitude mindset. Ken walks you through some key lessons about how you should think about money, why you’re not earning money yet, how you can monetize your gifts and so much more.

Honestly, this is another interview jam packed with great advice! You’ll be surprised to learn how many limiting beliefs you may have about money.

Quotes from the interview :

“Wealth is an emotion. It doesn’t really matter how much you have or how much you make”

I’m just going to leave this here for you to think about. Seriously go watch this interview NOW!

3. Deepak Chopra on the Power of Meditation to Unlock Infinite Possibilities | Impact Theory

Although I’ve never tried Deepak Chopra’s meditation style I recommend this video to anyone who is unaware of the power of meditation.

I don’t want to give too much away but this interview not only helps you learn more about Deepak Chopra, it will give you perspective on how your meditation practice actually works for you!


“Love is not a sentiment. It is not an emotion. Love is the ultimate truth, and the heart of creation.”

4. Harvard Psychologist Shows You How to Make Your Negative Thoughts Serve You | Susan David

When I saw this headline, I wondered WHAT could Susan David possibly tell me that can make my negative thoughts serve me?

But, if you’re someone who struggles with anxiety, self doubt, negativity, this is going to help you MOVE MOUNTAINS when it comes to your thought process.

I’ve never been an overly negative person but I gained so much value through this interview. If you want to learn how to approach your thoughts, dive deep into the cultural aspects of negativity WATCH THIS!

It will help you shift your mindset, in an HOUR!


“Discomfort is the price of ambition to a meaningful life.”

5. If You Struggle With A Poor Imagination, Creativity & Idea’s You Need This – Vishen Lakhiani on Jay Shetty’s podcast

Vishen is the founder and CEO of Mindvalley, which is a platform that brings together the BEST mindfulness teachers of the world, to teach courses in the form of quests. They also have a bunch of free master classes which I recommend you check out!

Vishen himself is a GREAT speaker, this interview was once again packed with valuable information. This interview of Vishen with Jay was very motivational, so if you’re feeling a little down this is a great video to watch!

Vishen talks about how he uses meditation to tap into his creativity which I found very very interesting. I’ve tried this out for myself and it WORKS!

Vishen is inspiring, and really knows how to pull you in. Just watch this interview, and you’ll understand why!

6. I quit social media for 30 days – Matt D’Avella

This is a short video but honestly one of my favourites! I’ve spoken about Matt D’Avella on my blog post on social media (you can read it here – How a Social Media Detox can Elevate your Life), he is an amazing content creator.

This social media detox video prompted me to try it out myself. So watch it if you’re feeling overwhelmed with your social media consumption. It’s really going to give you a PUSH to do the detox!

Overall Matt’s channel is another youtube channel I recommend subscribing to. He posts content that is beautifully shot, entertaining, and also extremely valuable.

7. Answering YOUR Skincare Questions! | Beauty with Susan Yara

This may seem like an odd suggestion, but being mindful for me also incorporates how I take care of my skin. I thought this would be a good video to suggest because Susan answers questions her audience has about skin care – so you’re going to learn a lot in this 22 min video!

I am extremely passionate about skin care and I’ve learnt so much over the last couple years, a lot of my learning has come from Susans content! She is very enjoyable to watch. So if you’re in the mood for something light watch this video!

This is a video that is going to help you be more mindful about how you consume and use skin care products! Susan’s channel does have a lot of entertaining content which is also educational!

I recommend her channel for skin care advice especially if you’re new to skin care!

I’m going to stop here for now! But if you enjoyed this please leave a comment down below and let me if you want me to share more video’s! I’ll update this post in the future to add more.

I know some of you may prefer to absorb information through video content, and I hope this helps you out!

With all the content on youtube, it took me a while to find channels that I loved! BUT each of the videos suggested above are channels that help me learn and grow.

Treat this like your foundation for being mindful about the digital content you consume.

Here’s to the start of your self care journey!



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