10 Benefits of Meditation & How to Make it Easier for You

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Meditation is one habit, I believe everyone should try to incorporate into their lives. There are a million benefits of meditation but through this post, I will be highlighting the TOP 10.

I have personally experienced each one of these benefits through my journey of meditation over the last 4 years!

I know MEDITATION CAN BE DAUNTING, so I want to give you 5 STEPS TO MAKE MEDITATION EASIER FOR YOU so you can reap all the benefits just like I have.

One quick note before we get into it: the fastest way to see results through meditation is by being CONSISTENT, so keep that in mind!

Benefits of Meditation

1) Calms your nerves

This one seems obvious right – but it’s so so true! It will probably be one of the first things you notice when you’re starting out with meditation.

When you meditate your brain is able to disconnect from the outside world, so you will be able to feel a sense of calm.

Use this to your advantage especially now, start meditating so you are able to be calmer and happier and make better use of your time during this lockdown.

2) Helps you understand more about yourself

When you meditate your focus turns inwards. Comparison with the outside world, opinions about other’s lives etc. – all matter less when you start meditating.

WHY? Because when you meditate YOU FOCUS on HOW TO BE BETTER.

Through meditation, you learn more about your wants and desires and more about your flaws and how to fix those flaws. 

There is an INVISIBLE POWER in understanding yourself. You stop worrying about people’s opinions of you because you understand yourself so completely that you won’t pay attention to other’s opinions.

You also stop judging people because you realize that it’s not important. You will be MORE CONTENT and MORE AWARE than ever before!

You will give out a vibration of CONFIDENCE.

3) Allows you to face your fears

As you meditate you will understand your fears better. You’ll know why you fear something in the first place. This will allow you to tone down the fear just enough for you to get over it.

Imagine if you’re able to do everything that you’re fearful of – you will be able to succeed in whatever you decide to pursue.


You can and will achieve anything you want as long as you are able to let go of the fears surrounding that task.

For example – I had a fear about my writing, I double-check everything before I post because I’m worried it’s not written well. Turns out my fear here wasn’t about writing it was about my writing not being perfect.

So, I decided to let go of this because I was able to rationalize why I was fearful and then I started enjoying the writing process.

It’s simple, BUT getting over SMALL FEARS can result in HUGE SHIFTS.

4) Improves concentration

Meditation helps you improve your concentration because it helps you BUILD PATIENCE.


Meditation helps you build patience because it forces you to sit down and really focus on you. It takes time to get to the point to where you have control over your thoughts. MOST PEOPLE get frustrated if they’re not at that level on DAY 1.

Meditation is a skill, which takes time to build – thus you HAVE TO BE PATIENT.

If you are able to master meditation, then concentrating on tasks becomes easier.

5) Improves relationships

This is one of the most rewarding benefits of meditation. Meditation helps SHIFT YOUR PERSPECTIVE.

You learn to EMPATHIZE. This will help you look at your relationships differently.

When you meditate you turn into someone who would want to help people because you are so secure in yourself. This need to help people is what helps improve relationships in your life be it with your family or your peers.


The more you focus on becoming a better person, the more people around you will feel a shift in your energy and the better your relationships will become.

6) Results in manifestations


Think about it, if you’re consistently working on yourself and shifting your beliefs to make YOU BETTER, then it is inevitable for you to get what you want. You can manifest thoughts into reality!

If you REALLY want something try meditating about it to come up with answers and TRUST YOUR GUT, you’ll notice that you will get what you want.

Write down your manifestations – I write down a list of everything I want on January 1st, and when I go through it on December 31st I can usually check off over 80% of the list.


Don’t forget to practice gratefulness – the manifestation process becomes faster if you practice gratefulness.

I suggest reading The Secret – it’s a book on the law of attraction, may seem surreal but I have been able to put it into action because of meditation.

7) Improves communication


When you meditate and you start seeing results, you will start to talk more about meditation with your peers. You will focus on positive conversations.  You will attract more positive people into your life.

You’ll understand perspective better – so you will be able to communicate better. Which brings me to the next benefit of meditation.

8) Gives you perspective


You will get better at your job.

You will have more meaningful friendships.

You will have more trustworthy friends.

You will attract powerful people.

All this is a side effect of having perspective.

9) You learn the power of your thoughts

I can not stress this enough. YOUR THOUGHTS ARE SO POWERFUL. Remember that when you’re thinking about anything!

If you focus on positive thoughts you will lead a positive life. If you focus on jealously and competition you will attract more competition into your life.

If you focus your thoughts on the past, you will attract similar experiences into your present and future.

BE MINDFUL of your thoughts.

Be grateful. Be kind. Be non-judgemental. 

10) You stop playing the blame game

Ugh, this one is my FAVORITE! Through meditation, you realize that THE BLAME GAME IS A WASTE OF TIME.

You can not blame anyone for the CHOICES YOU MAKE. You have control over your thoughts, and over what affects you, and over what you decide to do with your life. YOU HAVE CONTROL.

If you believe someone else is controlling your life – it’s because YOU HAVE GIVEN YOUR CONTROL AWAY – that was YOUR choice.

Meditating allows you to FORGIVE yourself, you can choose to change today.

Stop playing the blame game today! It’s only holding you back.

Stop focusing on the past, embrace it, learn from it, and CHOOSE to do better!

Well, now that I’ve told you about all the amazing benefits of meditation I’m going to tell you how to make meditating easier for you.

How to make meditating easier for you

Step  1 – Start today

Start now. Go on Spotify put on meditation music, and just close your eyes and focus on what you’re looking for. Do it NOW.

Procrastination comes from a part of your mind which is making you fearful – stop procrastinating and just START. You’ll realize it’s not that bad.

Step 2 – Do it in the morning

Meditating in the morning can be a great tool to increase productivity.

You can write down your goals and through your meditation, you can focus on how to complete those goals. This is an easy way to start meditating if you don’t know what to meditate about.

Intentionally planning your day is powerful – it will make you more productive.

Of course, if you’re up for it meditate once more at night and focus this meditation on how to be better tomorrow.

Step 3 – Realize that even 5 mins a day is GOOD!

This is something I realized much later into my meditation journey. BUT I want you to understand – 5 MINS OF MEDITATION A DAY IS AWESOME!

It’s a sign that you want to prioritize yourself and meditating for 5 mins a day will also bring shifts in your life. You don’t need to be sitting still for 20 mins to meditate, intentionally focusing for 5 mins is enough when you start out.

Once again meditation is a skill, slowly increase the time you spend meditating.

GIVE IT YOUR 100 % DURING THOSE 5 MINS. As long as you’re doing that you’re doing good!

Step 4 – Pick a modality that works for you

This is IMPORTANT. Choosing a modality that works for you is so important.

You need to be able to resonate with the practices and beliefs of that modality.

My modality is Theta Healing. You can read more about it here! I love that Theta Healing is customizable, and honestly, it made meditation fun for me. In theta healing, the focus is on mindfulness!

Here’s a helpful article about 6 types of meditation modalities.

Step 5 – Don’t focus on the HOW

Practice this point EVERY DAY. 

Don’t spend your time focusing on how meditation is working for you. TRUST that it is. 

Focusing on the HOW will result in YOU overthinking about your meditation. Trusting that the meditation is working will allow you to detach yourself from the HOW and enjoy the process. 

I hope this blog post has been insightful and inspires you to start meditating. Trust me if you’re consistent you will be able to see the above benefits of meditation in your own life.

Feel free to reach out to me at support@myselfcareshelf.com if you have any specific questions about my journey with meditation.

I do believe that meditation should be a part of your lifestyle. Here’s my blog post on the 10 tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle – you can read it and decide what else you want to incorporate into your lifestyle.

Additionally here’s a link to a post that will help you focus your meditation – Meditation 101: How To Sit Still And Like It!

Here’s to the start of your self-care journey!



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