Simple At-Home Leg Workout for Leaner Legs

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I know that for a lot of us working out has been difficult since Gym’s have been closed due to quarantine. So, I wanted to give you guys a simple AT HOME LEG WORKOUT for LEANER LEGS.

I did this workout this morning and boy I was sweating! It may look simple at first but it really kicks your butt.

This workout is created by Shilpy Tandon, my certified personal trainer. It’s an easy and effective leg workout.

It’s important that you complete the warm-up and the finisher so that the workout is effective. Also, don’t forget your post-workout stretches.


  1. A Mat
  2. A bottle of water
  3. Dumbells (optional)/Water Bottles
  4. Yourself



45 seconds Jumping Jack

15 seconds Rest

45 sec Mountain climber

15 seconds Rest

Main Workout 

3 ROUNDS OF (5 if you want to challenge yourself):

20 Reps Squats (Use dumbells if you want an extra challenge)

20 Reps Forward Lunges Right Leg

20 Reps Forward Lunges Left Leg

20 Reps Deadlift (with dumbells/water bottles)

20 Reps Inner Thigh Lunge Right Leg (Here’s a video

20 Reps Inner Thigh Lunge Left Leg (Here’s a video

30 Reps Calf Raises


300 Jumping Jacks



The total workout should take you about 30-35mins. You can incorporate this into your existing workout schedule and do this on Leg Days.

Hope you enjoy it!

If you haven’t already check out my  7 min At Home Workout as well!

Leave a comment down below if you enjoyed the workout.




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